About Us

Our company is committed to developing unique management and administration solutions for the education sector. Solutions which not only save our clients time, but also help them to deliver a better service to their clients. Our team define new and innovative ways for organisations to manage their tuition which in turn help them to dedicate more time to their businesses.

Live Parent

Live Parent will improve your experience by creating a secure online portal where you can manage all of your booking needs. This modern enrolment software will enable you to view your tuition providers online catalogue of courses, enrol for tuition online, manage your new & existing bookings and re-access any important information related to these should you ever need them.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Access to your bookings, resources and invoices
  • Ability to view and enrol on your tuition providers courses
  • A fast and efficient way of managing your new & existing bookings online
  • View your invoices online

Current Version

Paritor Live:Parent
Version: 1.0.0

Changes from previous version

  • Added - Paritor Live link on the login page
  • Added - Home link on the about us page
  • Added - Key features
  • Updated - The about us page
  • Removed - Home and about links on the login page